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We provide consultations on ozone therapy equipement you may need for your ozone therapy practice. Our vast experience with different models of ozone-generating equipment allows us not only to render consulting and tutorial help, but also to find a turnkey solution for any problem related to ozone applications in medicine, cosmetology, and biology.


“Lepse” Medical Ozone Generator (Synthesizer)


For your clinical practice we recommend “Lepse” medical ozone generator (synthesizer) produced by “Lepse” electromechanical company in Kirov, Russia. Over many years, the company has developed solid expertise in development and manufacturing of medical ozone generators that in conjunction with the use of the most modern technologies allows for “Lepse” medical ozone generators to meet the most strict requirements to functionality, effectiveness and safety of treatment.

Characteristics of “Lepse” ozone synthesizer:

  • Ozone concentration – up to 50 mg/l (ug/cm3);
  • Smoothly adjustable control of ozone concentration at the device output;
  • Ozone destructor;
  • Device dimensions – 228x216x50/76 mm;
  • Weight – no more than 3 kg;
  • Currently there are two modifications of “Lepse” ozone synthesizers – “Lepse-4” and “Lepse-5”, which are different in an additional feature of measurement of ozone concentration in liquids for the ozone synthesizer “Lepse-5”;
  • Certificate of conformance № РОСС RU. ME 48. B017855.

We are also glad to present you ozone therapy equipment by “Russian Econika” (BOZON trademark).

«BOZON-N» Medical Ozone Generator


Modern medical ozone generator “BOZON-N” provides high-purity medical ozone generation for big/major autohemotherapy (BAHT/MAHT), ozonization of saline, distilled water, and oil. There is a terminal for ozone-oxyget mixture dispensing into a syrenge.  The gas flow is automatically adjusted within 0.2 – 1 l/min, and the output ozone concentration can be varied from 0 to 100 mg/l.

It is applied to dispensing ozone- oxygen mixture in syringes, carrying out of procedures of MAHT, preparations ozonized saline solution, the ozonized distilled water and preparation of the ozonized oil. The generator can be used with a concentrator of highly rectified oxygen that directly uses atmospheric oxygen (no special oxygen tanks needed). Such an oxygen generator can be included into the delivery set.

The generator is EU certified.


Peristaltic Blood Pump «BOZON-BAGTO»


Peristaltic blood pump “BOZON-BAGTO” is a device for automatization of a big autohemotherapy (BAHT) procedure.
There is a reverse peristaltic pump with the executive mechanism of cam type and a microprocessor control system.
The use of the device considerably (up to four times) reduces the time of conducting the procedure.
In addition, “BOZON-BAGTO” dramatically decreases the risk of injuries (traumatism)  of BAHT procedures due to the use of a 0.7 mm needle for blood intake.

The device has a built-in regulator of the blood flow, a timer and a safety system preventing the
possibility of air breakthrough into the vein during reinfusion of the ozonized blood.

The design of “BOZON-BAGTO” is protected by national and international patents.

Vacuum Massage Equipment «BOZON-VACUUM»


Vacuum massage combined with ozone therapy is a new revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and rejuvenation. “BOZON-VACUUM” uses special nozzles to create vacuum and direct ozone-oxygen mixture into the treated body area. As a result, a combination of the following medical effects is achieved: mechanical massage, blood supply intensification, stimulation of collagen synthesis and regeneration, hypodermic fat splitting, cellulite reduction, lymph flow improvement, toxins elimination, pain relief, stress release and other positive effects.

A set of four special glass nozzles can handle all sizes of problematic areas of the body. Stepless adjustment of the vacuum can be done individually depending on the threshold of  sensitivity of the patient. An additional feature of the module – ozone suction mode with a bag in cases of external applications of ozone.


We will be glad to provide you our consultations on ozone therapy equipment. Please contact Prof. Oleg Maslennikov at +7-910-380-1953 or by e-mail: info@ozonmed.ru