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Training for Doctors

You can learn all about ozone therapy latest research results and their practical applications by attending “Actual problems of ozone therapy” course at the chair of the new medical technologies of the Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. “Actual problems of ozone therapy” is a ten-day course of topical training for doctors held by our chair. The total duration of the course is 72 hours, and the retrainees are qualified as accredited specialists in the field. The course program includes: theoretical basics of ozone therapy, issues of ozone, therapy application in surgery, therapeutics, neurology, dermatology and cosmetology, obstetrics and gynecology.

The course agenda is given below:


Topic Lection (hours) Seminar (hours) Practical Training (hours)
Ozone therapy basics 2
Oxygen regimen of a health man and a man with pathology 2 2
Theoretical fundamentals of ozone therapy 6 4
Equipment for ozone therapy 2
Methods of medical ozone applications 2 2
Ozone therapy in cardiology and endocrinology 2 2 2
Ozone therapy in pulmonology and for immunodeficiency 2 2
Ozone therapy in surgery 2 2 4
Ozone therapy in gastroenterology and hepatology 2 4
Ozone therapy in obstetrics and gynaecology 2 2 2
Ozone therapy in dermatology 2 2 2
Ozone therapy in cosmetology 2 4
Ozone therapy in stomatology and oral surgery 2
Ozone therapy in neurology 2 2
Concluding session 2
TOTAL 20 26 26


The courses start dates are – 04.02.2019, 18.03.2019, 16.09.2019, and 11.11.2019

During the last 20 years we have trained over 2000 specialists from Russia and more than 25 countries of the world – from Azerbaijan, Albania, Chile, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Israel, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldavia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.


We also have an experience of conducting training courses in other regions and countries.